Contact Information

Insituto Qualicare
Caixa Postal 4123                                                       email:

Curitiba, PR 82501-970                                             Tel: (+55-41) 3257-4028


CPNJ: 16.929.040/0001-52 (Federal Registration)

Municipal Registration: 00000.651.146-8

Non-Profit Registration: Law # 14.769 (Curitiba, Paraná)

Board of Directors

Luis G. Seoane, Director General
Edilson Freitas, Administrative Director
Clarice Fogaça

Fiscal Board                                                    Advisory Board

David Fehrmann                                             Vivian Rezende

Marco Antonio Esteves                                 Bira da Silva                  

​                                                                           Selma Gimenes 

                                                                           Caroline Arias


Millions of people suffer and die every year because they don’t have the most basic services freely available to them. Help us change that.


The Instituto Qualicare is a non-profit organization based in Curitiba, Brazil, that provides various types of social services. In these pages you can see some of the projects we are working on. We are committed to make a diference in our city, state and country!

If you would like to be part of this project, please send us a note and we can provide you with additional information about our work.

Why Are We Here?