A Chaplain exists to promote spiritual and social wellbeing. His or her services are open to everyone from all backgrounds and cultures. People of all faiths, and no religious faith, could benefit from this serve. The Instituto Qualicare provides chaplaincy courses in Brazil on the following areas:

  • General Chaplaincy, principles of chaplaincy. Basic training for beginners
  • Prison Chaplaincy, serving Brazilian Federal and State prisons
  • Hospital Chaplaincy, serving private and public hospitals
  • School Chaplaincy, serving staff and students in public and private schools
  • Sports Chaplaincy, serving sports teams and their staffs all over Brazil
  • Military Chaplaincy, serving the Brazilian Armed Forces, Fire Brigades and Police
  • Corporate Chaplaincy, serving business large and small, their staff and clientele

If you are interested in knowing more about our Chaplaincy services send us an email with your questions or comments.